~ day six


Like every morning we had to wake up at 8 o’clock.  After the breakfast we had workshops (Derdia and the White Albatros). After the workshops we went to Bray to present our cultural stories. In the Wicklow mountains it was raining all the time, so we were very glad about the sunny weather in Bray.


In Bray we met a lot of members of Hi Rez and we had our lunch together.  After lunch we had the opportunity to visit Bray and to have our final rehearsal. Before the performance we had a traditional Irish dinner – fish and chips. Mmmhhh…it was very delicious.  When we finished our dinner we noticed a lot of exciting faces in the audience, waiting for us to start. The show started at 19.30 p.m. and it was amazing. Everybody enjoyed it! After the performance the Irish dance champion showed us her skills, and she was unbelievable.


IMG_5843 IMG_5863 IMG_5875

Then we had an opportunity to learn the traditional Irish dance “Walls of Limerick”, which was very funny. At 10 o’clock the bus arrived and we went back to the Kippure estate where we had a party like every other night .

IMG_5879 IMG_5896IMG_5880

~ day five


We continued with our stories in the morning, adding in the final touches. We described our characters, gave an account of the settings and attempted to create an exciting plot.

SAM_4945 SAM_4953

Following lunch, in the afternoon we tried to be creative and make puppets. There were  a wide range of materials available to us. These, combined with imagination and determination produced puppets of all sorts.

SAM_4960 SAM_4963SAM_4975 SAM_4976

~ day four


Today, as usual we got up very early, but our energiser (Catch the finger) woke us up straight away and we were ready to work. We started with the dice game where we were split into 6 groups each of which was to start and/or continue a story from the other group. Then we had a short break after which we  shared our stories with each other. We had very interesting and creative stories.

SAM_4930 SAM_4939

Then we had a lunch break. After the lunch break we had a small  energizer called James Bond. After the energizer we were separated into groups that were supposed to start writing a story which we will present in Bray with hand-made puppets.


In the evening we are going to have a German cultural night with traditional German dish prepared by German group. Hopefully we will enjoy it.

20130627_204043 20130627_205500 20130627_210924

~ day three


Today we woke up early, and were a bit sleepy right until our first workshop that involved a fun physical activity. Running brainstorming it’s called, and divided into 3 groups we had to run to the flip chart, one by one, and write a word that we connect with the term EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP, then pass the marker to the following person in our group who’s turn for running it was.  Once we had our 19 words (one for each word of the term), we started a lively discussion on which terms are acceptable for us as a group, which ones were irrelevant, and which ones just funny and written in a hurry. After this workshop, we had it more clear on what European citizenship is, and how broad term it really is.

SAM_4801 SAM_4856

This activity was followed  by the workshop called „Discovery of the new country“. At the begging of the activity we were divided in teams and given the instructions – There was a new country recently discovered, and we were about to populate it, so we needed certain things to arrange before: to define the type of the reign, create at least 5 ground rules of our country, create an anthem and the dance, the flag, symbol, name, define our location etc.


After lunch we finally had our boat race! It was so much fun, and some of the people were shocked by how fair the race was. We later found out that during the boat race on CYB trips, people cheat a lot, throwing rocks on other boats, picking up theirs and throwing them in front of the others.. Anyway, it was really enjoyable activity, and we were all glad for the Armenian winner boat. And big Thanks You to Amy, Fiona and Rebecca for collecting the boats at the finish point.
Our afternoon session started with the introduction to the elements of a story. We learned what 5 things every story should have, what are the common archetypes in story structures, how we could build our characters etc. This was a great foundation for our future stories, that we’re starting to write tomorrow.


Our last but not least activity was the National storytelling. Each country had some time to prepare themselves, the scenery20130626_171544 SAM_4902 SAM_4904 SAM_4906 and the story, and then we performed outside, at the stone circle field. It was unreal, and all the stories were so interesting!
As a cherry on top of the cake, we had a Bosnian night to end up with this long day. Wonderfully delicious food, beautiful Bosnian girls (and Esad), traditional dances.. thank you Bosnia&Herzegovina!


~ day two

CIMG1253   Today our activities started outside with the cultural treasure hunt in the Wicklow mountain. We have explored different cultures of the countries in Europe. We had to make different tasks and answer different questions that were given to us and even to dance certain traditional dance of the specific country. Activity was more than successful and we believe that all participants enjoyed it especially because they were using media to show their creativity, which will be added later to this blog. Our second activity was to build a boat out of materials that can be recycled and this boat has been made in different national and mixed groups.


Later on we had our lunch and group responsible for preparing it and cleaning afterwards has done their job properly. Our afternoon sessions were consisted of two main activities: One was Exploring the elements of culture throughout the thinking hats methods. Participants were divided in 5 different groups and had opportunity to visit each thinking hat with certain question to be answered to. Later on each group prepared final conclusions and presented it in the plenary. Our second activity was a Living library, where participants were reading different stories prepared by the other participants and that were related to the myths and legends of their origin. This was a good task, cause participants wanted to learn more about different cultures and to hear more stories.



So, this is all from us today. We are going to get ready for the Armenian intercultural night and to find out more about this country and its culture directly. See you soon fellow Europeans.


~day one


We woke up at half past eight to have a lovely breakfast.Because we arrived rather late on Sunday, it was our first chance to get to know the other participants through entertaining games at the seminar centre. Everybody was really excited and took part of them actively. Tanja prepared us some delicious chili con carne for lunch, which everyone enjoyed. After lunch we went for a little walk in the beautiful Irish woods and took some photographs, which will remind us of our time in Wicklow Mountains. After the break, we welcomed the Armenian group and were informed about the week’s programme. We are looking forward to meeting people from different cultures and are curious of the stories we will be told. We appreciate all the effort CYB put into this exchange so far.

20130624_210329IMG_5514 IMG_5539SAM_4648

Youth exchange “Myths and Legends of Europe”

At the end of June, Celtic Youth Bray has had a great opportunity of hosting and organising an international youth exchange as part of the Youth in Action Programme, and funded by the European Commission. Five countries took part in the project: Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Armenia and Germany, and we had a total of 25 participants.  Surrounded by a beautiful scenery of Wicklow mountains, together we tried to discover the roots of our European citizenship, the roots that were connecting us during centuries, and all that through the arts of storytelling and puppet-making. Everyday we had four sessions of activities gathered around our main themes: European citizenship, Cultural diversity and Arts&Crafts.  Dinners, however, were reserved for informal learning about other cultures – every night another country was to present themselves. We enjoyed typical food and beverage from those countries, danced the traditional dances, played the games and tried to learn as much as we could. Also, every day a group of these young people have written something for our blog, so be sure you read more on what was happening there on our day to day blog.


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